Franchise World Link participates in Vietnam International Retail & Franchise Show.

Franchise World Link has recently participated in the Vietnam International Retail & Franchise Show 2015 and represented some of the following Franchisor:

Cavavin, The City, Original People. These brands want to expand to Asia and Vietnam in particular.

Cavavin is one of the leaders in franchise and retail in wine.

The City is an educational center which provides interactive learning programs for toddlers, and Original people is a company which is selling custom family stickers and car window decals.

Original People is an innovative technology concept providing car stickers to local countries.

We currently help other international concepts willing to expand and to open a franchise into Vietnam in B to B and B to C.

Franchise World Link – an International master franchise broker – is committed to the success of its clients and provides them with business expansion opportunities in more than 10 counties around the world. Though close collaboration and working together with your business, Franchise World Link enables you to develop an entry strategy for the country of interest, guides you through legal and financial aspects of the business expansion and secures master franchise agreements. If you are a franchisor or licensor looking to expand abroad, especially to Asia, Africa and Europe, you can submit your inquiry to the following email address and we will organize a free consultation with you.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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