Franchise World Link – South Africa

Franchise World Link, the exciting and innovative franchise company is a strong believer in the potential of the African continent .

Franchise World Link goal is to facilitate the development of, and roll out of franchises in recently established or emerging markets.

The Franchise World Link business model serves to interlink the sometimes fluid space between investor, master franchise holder, franchisor and investos as well    as guiding businesses into a successful franchise-able system.

The interdependent international offices work together to successfully identify potential franchise opportunities in their countries. They then facilitate the negotiations for the investors to become the master franchise owners in their nominated territories. Because of the selected partner’s local knowledge and expertise, they are able to assess potential local pitfalls and counter them before the business starts. This results in a higher than average business success rate. Existing franchise businesses are identified and their business models are tailored for the new host country before start-up so the transition into a new growth market is seamless and efficient.

The South African team has vast experience in franchising, business and property sales, mergers and acquisitions, cross border trade and import and export management. Strategically placed in Johannesburg, the heart of Africa’s second largest economy, Franchise World Link South Africa is your preferred franchising partner. If you want your business to blossom in lucrative international markets, or if you want to own an existing international brand, Franchise World Link South Africa is your partner of choice!

Please contact Willem Smit – Franchise Country Manager in South Africa – through Linkedin or email if you are interested to learn about Franchise opportunities in South Africa or to expand your business abroad.

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